Carina Schubert artist from Vienna in front of large work of art


Hello, my name is Carina and I'm glad that your path has led you to my art! I am a very curious person and I love to get to know different people and their stories. I would love to meet you and your story right now!

I have already dropped out of many educations and completed many trainings. Writing and painting are my permanent survival strategies. My path is often confused and yet in retrospect it makes sense. For me, millennials are interesting like-minded people and people of the heart. I experience highs and lows very intensely and regularly fail to live mindfully in balance. Too much and too little alternate rhythmically. All my life I have been working on recognizing and formulating my own feelings and needs. Sensing, communicating and maintaining my own boundaries is my life's work. As a daughter. As a sister. As a mother. As a partner. As a friend. And so on. And yes I am slowly making progress. For a few years now, I've been dealing a lot with psychological and feminist issues and I'm noticing more and more that it's not only individually that I keep failing, but that our society dictates too much and leaves too little room for individuality. Too little room for individual needs. All these issues I process philosophically in my artistic process to abstract emotional landscapes and figurative emotional faces.

With my art I want to encourage you every day on your own path. Encourage in your self-confidence, in your courage and your individuality. Art can change your life. When you look at a work of art every day, whether consciously or unconsciously, it does something to you. It reminds you of what you mentally associate with the work of art. It's as if you have written on your wall in giant letters a belief or a value that you want to use to remind yourself every day how you want to live. Art is so much more than aesthetics. It not only changes spaces, it changes people. If I can move you with my art, support and empower you on your journey - then my work as an artist makes sense to me! Have fun browsing through my blog and my online store!

In the FAQs you will find information about my trainings and all information about my worldwide art shipping.

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All love,